Introducing the Project Management Telesummit – March 8-10, 2011

A lot is asked of us project and program managers.

With increasingly complex projects and often conflicting strategic objectives, we are constantly asked to apply our knowledge, skills, techniques and tools to meet the on-going mandate to “Do more. Do it faster. Do it with less”.

But when budgets get tight, training and professional development are usually the first things out the door. Taking charge of your own training and professional development and investing in your future is the best way to create your own job security.

The Project Management Telesummit is a live online “virtual” event where you will gain valuable insights from fifteen of today’s dynamic and engaging thought leaders in Project Management from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere in between.

The event will be held on March 8-10, 2011, and registration is now open.

You can attend this live, online “virtual” event from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere in between.  Even better, all Telesummit presentations will be recorded. If you are unable to attend the live sessions as they happen, you can watch the recording when it is most convenient to you.

The theme for this first edition of this Telesummit is “Thrive”. The focus is on the insights you need to stay ahead and thrive despite today’s challenging and turbulent business climate.

We are proud to bring you a stellar speaker line-up you can’t afford to miss:

  • Rick Morris: Stop Playing Games! A Project Manager’s Guide to Successfully Navigating Organizational Politics
  • Dr. Margery Mayer: Global Communications; what does it means in today’s business?
  • Dr. Steven Flannes: Recognizing and Resolving Project Conflict
  • Traci Duez: Change is Impossible Unless You Change Your Mind
  • Dana Brownlee: The Secrets to Running Project Status Meetings that WORK!!
  • Richard B. Sheridan: Agile and the Business Value of Joy
  • Bernardo Tirado: How Does Understanding Human Behavior Increase Your Project Success Rate?
  • Jason Fair: Agile in large Enterprise System Integration projects
  • Todd Williams: Improving Project Inception
  • Steve Martin: Consulting Secrets for Project Managers
  • Geoff Crane: The Soft Skill Salsa: An Examination of Destructive Behaviors in Project Managers
  • Tres Roeder: A Sixth Sense for Project Management
  • Patricia Garofano: Look before you Leap: Managing the Successful Vendor Transition Project
  • Peter Taylor: The Art of Productive Laziness
  • Brian Munroe: Rescue My Project – An Overview of Troubled Projects and How We Deal with Them”
  • Dr. Ginger Levin: Building and Maintaining Relationships and Making Effective Decisions

Plan to be engaged!

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of 3 days of training at an entry price tailored for today’s tight training budgets. This is a great way to maximize your investment of training dollars and get a conference experience without all the cost and hassle of travel (no hotel, rental car, or wasted time).

Space is limited so early registration is encouraged. Register online now!

We do very much look forward to seeing you at the Telesummit!